We are the logistics partner you can rely on to help you scale your business with ease.

We take the overwhelm out of logistics so you can focus on growing your business

We founded parcelers to simplify logistics for visionary entrepreneurs who want to grow their business exponentially without the logistics hassle.

Parcelers is led by innovative logistics experts with over 20 years of experience in the
industry, who noticed a gap in customer service, transparency and reliability. The
global experience and local knowledge of our founders, spearheaded the development
of the only logistics platform you’ll ever need.

Partering with Parcelers
will allow you to:

Search for all possible transport options.

Quote and compare multiple carrier fees in real time.

Choose the logistics solution that best suits your needs, and track single or multi-carrier shipments.

Track single or muticarrier shipments

All in one place.

We understand the struggle because we have experienced it. That’s how we became the logistics partner to help you fulfill your wildest business vision.


We value simplicty

And believe logistics should be
your ally, not your obstacle.

We value knowledge

And believe data is power.
We can only improve what
we can measure.

We value flexibility

And believe that one size fits none.
We rely on adaptability and partnership
to create the best, customized solutions
for your business.

We value growth

And believe in excellent customer
service, so we treat your business like
our own. You can rely on us to help you
reach your goals because if you grow,
we grow.

We value sustainability

And believe in creating an ecosystem of
shared values where everybody wins,
including our planet. The efficient use of
our resources helps reduce considerably
our carbon footprint.

We help you grow and scale your business exponentially.